Triumph in managing your key accounts.

80% of your sales will come from around 20% of your customers. The Pareto principle is well known and one that applies to most businesses.

It is usually the top 20% of customers – those with the potential to generate the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) – that a business will typically define as its Key Accounts. Consequently organisations wishing to enjoy success will pay particular attention to nurturing, growing and retaining these significant accounts.

Needless to say, a skilled Key Account Manager plays one of the most important roles in protecting a business’s prosperity. Their ability to understand the implications of the account landscape and consistently identify solutions that work and continuously add value in the eyes of their most valuable customers can never be underestimated.


  • Define the planning process required for your complex key accounts
  • Develop strategies for penetrating, winning and developing significant accounts
  • Influence different personality types of decision makers within your customer organisations
  • Analyse all aspects of your accounts decision process, factors and key players
  • Utilise the TACK Account Planner as a template for all your key accounts
  • Build tactics to manage and grow your relationship and cooperation with key account
  • Develop a tangible strategy and plan for each account you are managing

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