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Assertiveness is an essential business skill; it enables you to voice your ideas, appropriately engage others in your decisions and articulate your point of view with clarity and conviction.

There is a direct correlation between self-confidence and assertion. When we acquiesce to the beliefs of others, our lack of self-belief can kick in. We may even perceive that we don’t have a viable alternative, based on low levels of esteem we may hold about ourselves.

Assertiveness requires sound judgement. Understanding when to be accommodating by taking a more flexible approach to a situation or a colleague’s point of view and when it is appropriate to articulate a strengthening argument or an altogether different point of view is a skill that can be learnt.

This course enables learning and practice in a safe environment, helping you to gain confidence in making positive, proactive and assertive statements in any given situation.


  • Put your thoughts across in a clear and coherent manner
  • Determine when it makes sense to hold back and when to articulate other ideas
  • Remain professional at all times, never going beyond what’s acceptable when establishing authority
  • Practice, practice, practice building assertion skills and self-confidence

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